V-Gas Conducted a Regular Emergency Drill

On October 6, 2021, the regular annual emergency exercise for the V-Gas team was held at our base in Benkovski. All plant employees, as well as colleagues from the finance and sales department along with other units of the company, got involved in the training.

(watch a video here)

Служителите ни преминаха през редовно аварийно упражнение The emergency safety exercise was conducted with the assistance of the Plovdiv fire brigade that actively participated in the training with instructions, demonstrations and tests of V-Gas equipment. An external lecturer enriched the knowledge of the employees about the timely and correct actions in case of an emergency, conducting training for firefighting with a powder fire extinguisher, as well as for working with a breathing apparatus in a gas cloud. Служителите ни преминаха през редовно аварийно упражнение The exercise recreated an emergency situation as a result of a leak from the gas pipeline in the area of the railway line and the unloading, which requires fire extinguishing and cooling of the available railway tanks. More photos from the training: