V-Gas Mini – So Many Ways to Use

Find out why every traveler should have a V-Gas Mini – a gas stove with a small LPG bottle

Now V-Gas offers a unique product for anyone who likes to travel and feel good even in field conditions. The V-Gas Mini is a compact set of tourist stove and a small LPG bottle, making it ideal for use during long camping or short excursions in nature.

V-Gas Mini – начини на употреба

Here are some of its many applications that make V-Gas Mini an irreplaceable helper on the road:

  • You can boil water everywhere so to make fast hot drinks – coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. or to cook semi-prepared products such as spaghetti, bites, and so on.
  • You do NOT worry if you are traveling with a child, because you can always make warm milk.
  • A great solution for heating food and ….
  • the only solution for delicious pancakes in the nature. 🙂 If you are equipped with V-Gas Mini, you can cook in any condition anything you want.
  • If you are not sure that the water you have is clean, you can always boil it.

We recommend using the V-Gas Mini because they are absolutely safe and are not significantly affected by temperature changes. They are also equipped with so-called a gas-stop system that allows the vials to be transferred from one appliance to another – for example from a burner to a stove.

You can order them directly at 0700 20204 or get a V-Gas Mini from the nearest Shell and Petrol gas station.

Deliveries to the address are made through Speedy courier company and are at the client’s expense. If you only need V-Gas fillers, the price of one is only 1.75 BGN and the full V-Gas Mini kit is available at a price of 18.15 BGN.