V-Gas offers a new type of 760-liter tank

V-Gas предлага нов вид резервоар с обем 760 литраIf your business needs a transportable LPG tank, now is the time to order it.

V-GAS provides a wide choice of overground and underground tanks with a capacity tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. We already offer a transportable 760 liter LPG tank, which is often used in the field of agriculture.

Here you can find the technical data.

This type of vertical tanks is often used to feed the burners that take care of the weeds, thus avoiding the use of preparations. In practice, similar types of propane-butane tanks are widely used – they are everywhere, fueling ships, large yachts, restaurants, industrial buildings and also at home, meeting the needs of private customers.

Each one of the V-Gas LPG delivery system is modern, economical, safe and convenient. We cover the whole process, starting from exploring the customer’s needs through the installation of the tank and legalizing the installation till the regular supply of propane-butane and pure propane. This way, V-Gas provides the optimal solution for power supply in various industrial sectors, agriculture, as well as for the needs of the households.

You can use the 760-liter LPG tank, after making a deposit, as V-GAS remains the owner of the tanks and takes care of their maintenance. Our team provides the project, construction and legalization of gas installations and performs 4-year and 8-year checks according to the requirements of the State Agency of Metrology and Technical Surveillance.

Ask for the new V-Gas propane-butane tanks now at 0700 20204 or write us at customer.service@v-gas.bg.