Your camper needs the V-Gas propane bottles

Вашият кемпер се нуждае от пропановите бутилки на V-GasCaravans and campers give you a great opportunity to travel long distances with friends or family, and enjoy great adventures. Spring is the time to plan travel during the warmer months. Before jumping into the dream trip, you should consider the most convenient way to satisfy all household needs in your home on wheels.

V-Gas offers the most suitable products for campers and caravans – propane bottles (95-98%). If you are not yet familiar with the pros for your home on wheels, read the next few lines carefully:

  • Environmentally friendly. Unlike the other gas installation, propane is cleaner and greener.
  • Suitable also in cold weather. Propane bottles are also a working solution at lower temperatures when other gases condense.


  • The domestic appliances in the camper (refrigerator, boiler, etc.) work better when running on propane.
  • V-Gas corner valve cylinders comply with the new campers’ storage.


  • Propane is practically used for everything in the motorhomes – from heating to cooking.
  • If there is an additional bottle, propane can also be used to heat the camper’s veranda.
  • Propane is the best choice for preparing delicious food and arranging BBQ with friends.

The dimensions of V-Gas propane bottles for campers and caravans are:

Net Weight:  propane – 9 kg
Tare Weight:  between 10 and 11 kg
Height:  51 cm  
Body Diameter:  30 cm
The bottles have a corner valve that ensures easy placement

Travel comfortably and easily, using propane for heating, hot water and cooking. Order now the reliable V-Gas propane bottles at 0700 20204!

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