You can always rely on V-Gas Mini

The small bottles of butane weigh only 190 grams but are very good assistant even in extreme conditions

For the first time on the market, V-Gas presents practical and reliable small butane bottles. V-Gas Mini bottles weigh only 190 gr., but they are an indispensable helper when you are in the wild, and you want to cook, drink a hot drink or you need lighting.

Винаги можете да разчитате на V-Gas MiniThe bottles are a 98% butane-type bottles and are suitable not only for camping and delicious snacks in the wild. The small energy sources will also assist you in long journeys, during construction and repair working or long-term field work. At the same time, the mobile V-Gas Minis are absolutely safe and not significantly affected by temperature changes. They are also equipped with so-called a gas-stop system that allows them to be moved from one appliance to another – for example from a hob to a burner.

V-Gas Mini are easy to carry in different locations and provide comfort when camping in nature.

You can order them directly at 0700 20204 or get them from the nearest Shell and Petrol gas station. Deliveries to the address are available via Speedy courier company and are at the client’s expense.

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