Why Do Better Restaurants Use LPG?

Skilled chefs can create superb meals no matter where they are. However, when working in a commercial kitchen, the precise execution of recipes depends primarily on good equipment. More and more restaurants are using propane-butane as the primary energy source for cooking because its benefits are undeniable. Here are a few of them:

  • Faster cooking

Experienced chefs must work quickly to be optimally efficient. LPG not only delivers heat faster (the response rate is much faster than induction or other electric hobs) but also cools down faster. This makes it much easier for chefs to adjust cooking temperatures and prepare food in minutes.

  • More reliable control

In commercial kitchens, cooks do not have time to stand around and wait for the stove to heat up or cool down sufficiently. Because LPG heats and cools so quickly, the chance of cooks burning their dishes is significantly reduced.

  • More convenient cooking

The electric stove forces the cook to use a pan with a flat bottom because that’s the only way the heat will radiate evenly. As gas hobs are placed higher and have a hole in the center, cooks can use any pan without risking spillage or uneven cooking. In addition, gas stoves are significantly easier to clean than electric stoves.

  • More affordable

Restaurant managers are always looking for the optimal solution for their business. They are searching for solutions that can save resources without affecting quality. Using LPG reduces the use of electricity for heating, resulting in lower utility bills.

  • Universal solution

If you use propane, you can count on it not only for cooking but also for heating the entire restaurant. LPG can be used both for central heating and for raising the temperature in individual rooms. Gas hot water systems provide fast heating at a more affordable price. And if you offer outdoor dining, you can keep customers happy with the use of portable gas heaters in the winter and mosquito repellers in the summer.

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