Company Policy

ПолитикаOr what we are guided by in the relations with our clients, employees, shareholders and the society as a whole.

The rules of safety, labor protection, environmental protection and the provision of high-quality products and services are at the heart of the company’s work. We strictly adhere to these principles by taking care of the business ethics, environment, customers, our employees, our business partners and the society as a whole. Safety is the highest priority in every aspect of our activity, equally when working with our employees, subcontractors and business-customers and end-users. No less attention is devoted to the protection of the environment, which goes hand in hand with the concern of society because it can be developed in a healthy and comprehensive way only within an intact, clean and healthy environment.     Политика

Respect for the environment is an important part of the company’s overall policy. Over the past 20 years, the world has repeatedly celebrated Environment Day or Environment Week with impressive campaigns and activities all around the globe. The purpose of V-GAS is to dedicate each day of the year to this cause and to have annually an Environment Year. As a good citizen of the societies in which it develops its business, V-GAS has taken on its responsibilities and launched many important activities designed to protect nature from harmful impacts.

Here you can learn more about our SAFETY, LABOUR AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.


During our development throughout the years, we have been making persistent efforts to improve our products and services and to provide the highest quality LPG to the Bulgarian market. The name V-GAS and our “yellow cylinders” have become synonymous to “quality” long time ago. This success is due to the highly specialized processes of filling, delivery, installation and maintenance of our products. Our ultimate goal is to meet satisfied and smiling customers.

Here you can learn more about our QUALITY POLICY – Policy.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified for the exceptional quality of the V-GAS activities and the products and services provided. Quality Certificate ISO 9001.