Our strategy for the future is clearly aimed at certain more dynamic development of the company, focusing on customers and investments, while adhering to the highest safety and security standards.

Визия We continuously strive to achieve and develop:

  • safe

  • quality

  • available

  • and innovative products and services.

Визия In full compliance with the requirements of the Safety Standards and V-Gas Business Principles, with staff proud to work for V-Gas Bulgaria, with high quality of service, we meet the expectations of our customers and shareholders.

We Build…

  • an organization that
    • concerns and surpasses customers’ fascination with safety, performance and service
    • successfully manages the security risks
    • evaluates and rewards success
    • enhances quality assessment, professional knowledge and skills
  • a successful team with shared values that
    • respects differences; listens to individuals and provides equal opportunities for all its members
    • accomplishes its goals
    • listens to clients and finds new opportunities
    • works efficiently for clients and for the company

Визия  The Result:

V-Gas is a company that is socially responsible, environmentally friendly and strictly law-abiding. Визия

Key Values

Визия Security as a top priority:

The safety of our customers and partners has always been our top priority. We are constantly working to develop secure products and services for our customers and ensure that LPG is as secure as any other energy source if all safety measures are followed. That is why we provide ongoing safety measures and instructions to all our current and future clients, as well as an information campaign for the general public.

Визия High quality of our products and services:

Security comes with the high quality of services and products, and we guarantee it with constant improvements and inspections of our bottles and installations.

Визия Environmental protection:

We deliver green energy – LPG use has the lowest environmental impact compared to other energy sources.

Визия Accessibility:

Our goal is to provide energy to all people in Bulgaria. To provide comfort and warmth even to those who live in small settlements or outermost regions of the country. We provide them with the flame they need to cook appetizing food and heat their homes in the safest way possible. By building the best home delivery network, we want to guarantee access to our products for everyone. Our values ​​serve all parties involved in our business. Our customers are at the heart of our success and they need to get the best possible support from our company. Our employees also need to receive all the support they need from management and shareholders so that they can feel at ease and help their customers. Owners and management must share the dedication and philosophy of our employees and thus pass it on to our customers.

This is how our internal ecosystem works, which is in constant contact with the external.