For the Second Consecutive Year We Participate in Camping & Caravaning Expo 2023

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary in the industry with special promotions and a raffle for visitors.

 This year, we are participating in the Camping & Caravaning Expo, which will take place from May 12th to May 14th, 2023, in the parking lot in front of Metro Sofia 1. During the exhibition, we will present the best solutions for cooking and heating in caravans, homes, and gardens.

For the visitors of the exhibition, we offer special discounts and rewards:

За втора поредна година участваме в Camping & Caravaning Expo 2023when purchasing 5 units of V-Gas Mini, the sixth gas stove with a butane bottle is FREE;

when paying a deposit for a heating tank before May 31st, 2023, the customer receives a discount of 200 BGN.

In addition, we will also give out prizes through a raffle among visitors. Five of them will receive a set of V-Gas Mini stored in reusable eco-friendly bags.

Our participation in Camping & Caravaning Expo 2023 is another initiative with which we celebrate our 25 years in the industry. This further emphasizes V-Gas’ commitment to innovation, quality in production, and the distribution of LPG products.

За втора поредна година участваме в Camping & Caravaning Expo 2023

The Camping & Caravaning Expo is organized by The camping and caravaning expo brings together all the latest in camping tourism, caravaning, and outdoor activities. For the sixth year in a row, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to explore different models of campers, caravans, tents, camping equipment, and a variety of new and interesting products and services related to camping, tourism, and leisure in nature.

FREE Entrance. We look forward to seeing you!

За втора поредна година участваме в Camping & Caravaning Expo 2023