Why do V-Gas employees feel "in place" in the company?

As a company aware of the key importance of the contribution of each employee and the team as a whole, V-Gas follows and optimizes a policy promoting the development of personnel over 24 years.

Responsibility to our employees is an invariable part of our business ethics. Our corporate philosophy and culture are based on the following principles.

  • Stimulating professional development
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Conduct timely and open communication with employees

We stimulate the professional development of employees, both with a bonus system based on good results and with various seminars and pieces of training.

For us, health comes first. Our workers meet the highest safety standards as we continue to build on the good conditions in our warehouses, offices and production facilities. We continue to live up to our excellent reputation for safety and enforcement. We pass the regular annual inspections by the control authorities successfully and without any objections.

Защо служителите на V-Gas се чувстват „на място“ в компанията?

We know that excellent employee relations are based on timely and open communication, so we focus on free access to information, timely and regular work meetings, optimizing team interaction and promoting staff engagement.

Here, at V-Gas, we are not just colleagues, but mostly friends who support each other. In this way, our team resists the challenges it faces and builds a welcoming work environment distinguished by professionalism, empathy and initiative.

Thanks to the successful practices and policies we have implemented and developed over the years, there is no turnover in the company. We are proud to meet the expectations of employees and make them feel “at home” at V-Gas. Also, we are always open to their recommendations and expanding our team with new professionals.

Want to become part of our super team? You can view the vacancies at V-Gas here or send your CV to email: human.resources@v-gas.bg.