7 Reasons to Choose LPG Home Installation

7 причини, за да изберете домашна инсталация с пропан-бутанThe use of LPG for domestic purposes worldwide is increasing, as it has proved to be an efficient and affordable fuel at a relatively low price. Nearly 50% of LPG use worldwide are for heating and cooking. The production of propane-butane reached a record 249 million tonnes in 2010 and it is continuing to grow.

Propane-butane heating and its use for water heating and cooking is a convenient and economical alternative to central heating and electricity. Here are some of the main advantages of LPG home installations.

  1. Good return on investment for the home installation.
  2. Propane-butane heating goes cheaper than central heating.
  3. Propane is easily accessible and transportable, because it can become liquid under pressure. When the roads are cleaned, it can be delivered even in hard-to-reach places where there is no power supply.
  4. The use of propane-butane is environmentally friendly due to the fact that LPG has low particle emissions and contributes more to air quality than coal heating, for example.
  5. Domestic propane-butane installations are safe. V-Gas experts, together with the customer, designer and / or contractor, will identify and investigate where the tank will be installed to ensure its safe operation.
  6. Consumption meets exactly the household needs and is reported in absolute units, which are measured with simple and inexpensive appliances.
  7. The use of LPG for household purposes is widespread. You can use it not only for heating energy, hot water, cooking, but also for your barbecue and camper.

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