V-Gas visiting customers with LPG home installations

We have always tried to offer the best for our customers and to seek feedback from them. That is why our team has visited Mihail Koloskov and Valentina Nedeva-Adams. They are practical users who have found the optimal solution for heating their homes – an LPG home installation from V-Gas. Each of them briefly tells why he has taken this step and what has changed since he used our services.

My house is a big one – about 500 m2. I had had a pellet installation, but I gave up – it was hard and awkward to carry the pellets, to throw the ash. It turned out that gas heating is cheaper. Luckily, I found V-Gas on the internet, which provided me with heating. I’ve been using this heating for three years. The project was completed quickly and simply, which I did not expect, because in Russia such a technical project is problematic …“, says Mihail.

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I love everything to be organized and easy.For heating and cooking at home, I use gas. Gas heating is not only ecologically clean, which is very important to me, but it is also very easy. We order gas in the winter season once a month, month and something…“, says Valya.

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