Top 5 Camping Places in Europe

We open the season with a new collection of materials about camper adventures, camper maintenance and helpful tips for all who prefer four-wheel travelling. Full ahead with V-gas propane bottles!

Camper travelling creates unforgettable memories because it allows you to visit hard-to-reach places that preserve the beauty of nature. We’ve already given you ideas for camping in Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia, and now we look at some more remote spots in Europe, which also offer incredible experiences.

  1. Sardinia, Italy

5 от най-добрите места за къмпинг в Европа

The camper road to Sardinia is not short but it’s worth it. Available for campers is the fairytale Sant’Antioco, which has several campsites and is far from the noisy tourist destinations on the island. Sardinia is popular with its wide beaches, beautiful rocks and rich history. It is imperative to visit the local attractions of Forte Su Pisu, Villaggio Ipogeico and the incredible Catacombs beneath the Basilica, besides enjoying the sun and the sea.

2. Bran, Romania

5 от най-добрите места за къмпинг в Европа

A destination for the lovers of mythical images and beautiful nature. Visit the famous Dracula Palace and other dark and interesting places like the local museum, monastery and the Black church. Then you can stay at Vampire Camping, which is just 800 meters from the Palace. You may continue the adventures as heading to other remarkable places in Romania. Have you visited camping Cosmos on the Black Sea coast?

3. Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

5 от най-добрите места за къмпинг в Европа

Master the waves with a stay in Vila Nova de Milfontes on Portugal’s surf-loving south-west coast. Travelling from Sofia may take 3-4 days and you can enjoy beautiful places on the road that passes through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France and Spain.
Untouched beaches with great surf make hitting the water a zen-like experience, while back on dry land fruit gardens, vineyards and tiny traditional villages deliver a charmingly scenic experience.

Take lessons at Altentejo Surf Camp, kayak up the Mira River. The campsite places in the region are many and offer all the amenities you need.

4. Kälsviken, Sweden

5 от най-добрите места за къмпинг в Европа

Sweden’s “allemansrätten”, or the right of public access, means you can camp just about anywhere, so long as it’s not in someone’s backyard. Take the road less travelled and head to the cove of Kälsviken in Skuleskogen National Park on the rugged Swedish High Coast. A back-to-basics campsite, it offers water, bathrooms and fire pits, but the rest is up to you.

Tranquil and quiet, it’s a perfect pick for those warm summer days. Explore the local surrounds for Bronze Age boulder mounds, old growth forests and incredible geological phenomena.

5. Fannefjorden, Norway

5 от най-добрите места за къмпинг в Европа

Enjoy some “friluftsliv” or “open air life” and pitch a tent at Kviltorp Camping in Fennefjorden near Molde on Norway’s west coast. With electricity, Wi-Fi, bathrooms and a kiosk, it’s got all the essentials covered all year round.

Explore the nearby Bud fishing village, the twisting Trollstigen “Trolls’ Path” mountain road and visit the Romsdal Museum, a folk history wonder. You can also head out to Veoya Island, hike the Hjertoya Nature Trail or hop on a bike and cycle through the verdant hills.


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