Why Gas - Green Energy

V-GAS spreads green energy: butane and propane are gases that are free of toxicity, burn quietly without odour. Their burning is similar to the breathing of the plants: it only releases carbon dioxide and water vapours.

Propane-butane releases less CO2 per energy unit than coal or oil. It releases only 81 per cent of the carbon dioxide per kilo-Watt-hour that is emitted by burning oil and 70 percent of that emitted by coal. Propane-butane can be considered cleaner than the so called light fuel because it produces very few particles (soot) when burning.

Propane-butane provides about 3 per cent of the energy consumed today, it burns without soot and has low sulfur emissions, so it does not lead to soil or water pollution.


Independence due to the supply system of tranks that can practically be installed anywhere, while the cylinders can be transported to the most inaccessible places, making it possible to use them all over the country.

Economical because the propane-butane is highly calorific and the appliances that use it have a high efficiency. Not less important is the price of this fuel, which is lower than the price of the electricity, natural gas and other alternatives of energy production.

Security, because V-GAS constantly checks and maintains its system of tanks and cylinders, thus ensuring the complience with the stringent international prescriptions.

Environmentally friendly because propane-butane is the cleanest fuel. No hazardous emissions are generated during combustion.