Camping with kids

Wondering what is the most appropriate vacation for your little kids? Surely, camping with young children can be a challenge, but the positive aspects of your stay in nature are very beneficial for you and your little ones. Of course, you need to be patient with the youngest and be prepared for a variety of situations during the trip and during the stay at the chosen place.

If you’re wondering where to go with your camper, we have interesting ideas for camping in Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia, as well as in other places in Europe.

Не се чудете, а децата на къмпинг заведете

The reasons you would prefer to take the children to camp rather than a hotel in a popular resort are many, but let’s focused on the most important ones:

  • Close to nature

It is important for children to be in a non-urban environment, in places with clean air and great biodiversity. Besides being acquainted with many plants and animals they have never met, they can enjoy the starry sky, the freedom to eat fruits directly from the trees, to run barefoot, and so on. The sun will also boil them with vitamin D, which is important for strengthening the immune system, maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Be sure, however, that you have brought with you repellents, sunscreen creams with a high factor and essential medicines. Remember that children should take lots of fluids, especially during the hot months.

  • Learning new skills

Among nature, you can teach children a lot of new skills, such as shelter, fish, orientation, and more. Some of these skills could not be learned in the urban environment. Camping is also a great reason to teach children how to live environmentally by recycling, protecting the disturbed by territories, and so on.

  • Naturally overcoming fears

When learning the new skills, the children are naturally protected from phobias or overcome their fears – from highs, from deep water, from getting lost … This process should proceed smoothly, so be sure to warn the little one not to leave your camp, not to jump into the water without permission, and not to break up unfamiliar plants.

Now you know that camping with children can be useful and enjoyable. All you have to do is to stock up with the reliable propane bottles of V-Gas from the nearest gas station next to you and head to the pleasant experience.